About me

I am a data practitioner focused on building technology for good. As a strategic thinker, I believe that a healthy data ecosystem is key to making a positive impact. I am energized by entrepreneurial mission-oriented organizations, building systems and tools to enable new ideas, and using data to make a positive impact.

☁️ Certified data architect

💪 Advocate for data equity

🅽 Notion ambassador

🏔 Outdoors enthusiast

👩‍💻 Technologist

✨ Feminist



Data ecology is what I call my approach to data, which considers the intricate interrelationships between data platforms, people, and processes. In a healthy data ecosystem, these three areas coexist in balance with one another. If you want to build a stronger data ecosystem for your mission-driven work, I offer:


current: designer + facilitator @ equity + ethics in data workshop series

sr. analytics manager @ university of southern california – annenberg

data engineer @ volunteer relationship management system

consultant @ los angeles county voting assessment

instructor @ rad women intro to coding course

developer @ machine learning pipeline to predict violations of environmental regulations

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