🏔 Outdoors enthusiast.

👩‍💻 Technologist.

✨ Feminist.

☁️ Certified data architect focused on data equity.


data + tech for social impact

current: designer + facilitator @ equity + ethics in data workshop series

data engineer @ volunteer relationship management system

consultant @ los angeles county voting assessment

instructor @ rad women intro to coding course

developer @ machine learning pipeline to predict violations of environmental regulations



documentation as a tool for data equity @ salesforce business analyst summit, april 23-30, 2021

"You make same very interesting points here and some eye opening ones too. Thank you for the very insightful session."

"Such a timely session as data continues to impact how and where we work, live and play. I truly appreciated this session."

"Thank you Rachel for the valuable insights and resource library for data ethics + data equity."


how data impacts my life: data ethics + privacy @ data4good, march 30, 2021 (video)


considerations for ethics + sustainability for ai in hr @ hacking hr, march 11, 2021


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